Josh Nadzam
Every time I'm back in my hometown, I run up and down a certain hill. And it seems like each time I do it, there is more and more trash all over it. I used to run by it and think "Why isn't anybody doing anything about this?" But then I thought "Why don't I just do it?" So that's what I did! I care too much about my hometown to see it disrespected like that. I also made this video about it that I'm a little too pumped about lol. Also, I hope you catch the irony at the very end!
Josh Nadzam

Believe it or not this hill is done twice a year by Monaca Volunteer Community Outreach. Patty Majors working with youth groups needing to do community service, however Josh Nadzam recognising the need to clean this hill from litter again. Josh decides to take on the task himself and video tapes it. 
First of all, Thank you Josh for loving your community and what you have done by doing the clean up and most of all making the awareness video.
What can you do so Josh and other people don't have to spend their valuable time cleaning up, just keep your trash in your vehicle till you get home and place in the trash. Place your trash in cans and wait till the evening before pickup to take out. Do not over flow your cans. Animal may tear into the trash in which will be blown through town. Please don't litter! 
Thank you Josh!