Antoline Park
Friday, November 25, 2016 at 6:20 PM

Restrooms and a Concession Stand

Monaca park building to have vegetated roof,  a new recreational building at a borough park is literally going green.

The new bathroom and concession stand that could be finished by the end of this year

Workers are constructing a new building in Monaca Heights that will feature a vegetated roof, where grassy-type plants will grow and help reduce water runoff.

The building, which will feature restrooms and a concession stand, is located at John A. Antoline Memorial Park along Marshall Road and Ohio Avenue.

The plants will be on top of a typical roof, which also includes gravel and a rubber membrane.

The vegetated roof will not need to be mowed, and the vegetation is designed to withstand freezing and drought, 

“It’s more or less a ground cover … that kind of maintains itself, .

The vegetation, which the borough is purchasing through Ohio-based Timbuk Farms, located near Columbus.

The roof will also help with storm-water management and help cool the building during summer months, he said.

“When it rains, the (roof) is actually absorbs some of the initial water.

State grant money will cover half of the $560,000 project, which could be completed this year, weather permitting, according to the borough.

The new addition is part of a master plan outlined by the borough that also envisions other upgrades for children, such as a splash pad.

 David Taube