Library is Open
Thursday, July 27, 2017 at 8:55 PM

Thousands of books have been relocated to the new Monaca Public Library, located at the former C.J. Mangin Elementary School.

The borough bought the former elementary school in 2011 for $1 with the intent to make it a community center. The process of moving the library began in 2013. The current library space will eventually be sold for commercial purposes.

The renovations were done in-house which helped save money but also stretched the timeline when borough employees had other projects to work on. Classrooms were converted to a large space that will include 10 computer stations, separate children’s and adult’s reading areas, a conference room, tutoring room and a hospitality room where food and drinks can be served.

The new building also features several renewable energy projects, including waterless urinals, automatic faucets and a water bottle refill station.

The biggest delay came from making the building meet Americans with Disabilities Act standards. An elevator was installed to give everyone access to the second floor of the building but various “intricacies” held up the final inspection.