Beaver County Prescription Drug Take Back

Beaver County Prescription Drug Take Back Policy


The medication collection and disposal program provides a safe disposal location for citizens to properly dispose of unused prescription and over the counter medications.


  • This program provides an environmentally safe alternative to disposing the medications in the landfill or sewer systems which may later negatively affect the environment.
  • This program encourages citizens to remove their unneeded medications from their homes. This reduces access to addictive medications for accidental or intentional misuse
  • Commercial disposal from medical facilities, doctor/dental offices, veterinarians, etc. is strictly prohibited and is not part of this program.
  • The collected materials must be destroyed in accordance with Beaver County District Attorney policies and must include incineration as the method of destruction. The incineration must be performed in an authorized facility designated to perform the destruction of controlled substances.


Locations for Medication Collection Boxes will be identified throughout Beaver County, at sites identified by the District Attorney's office. The District Attorney will obtain and deliver an approved one-way steel collection box to be secured in the Municipal or Police Department lobby. Box located in the hallway Monaca Borough Building at 928 Pennsylvania Avenue Monaca, PA 15061.


The District Attorney will provide one way steel collection boxes in which citizens may deposit these medications. (see attached example)

  • Collection boxes shall be clearly marked for this purpose.
  • Collection boxes shall be locked and properly secured to prohibit removal of the box or retrieval of medications form within the box without a key.
    • Citizens may place their unused medications into the collection box anonymously.
  • Medications
    should remain in their original containers. Personal information on the labels should be crossed out, but information about the medication should be legible.
  • Syringes should not be placed in the drop box.
  • Open containers of liquid will not be accepted unless they are completely sealed.


Beaver County Detectives will be responsible for collection of the deposited medications. Collection and disposal shall take place at least semi-annually, more often if needed.

  • Detectives designated by the Beaver County District Attorney will be the sole possessors of keys to the collection boxes.

o Monaca Police Department Staff shall not have access to the contents of the collection boxes.

o Monaca Police Department Staff shall monitor collections and weighing of the drop box contents with the Detectives. This allows each (Precinct/Police/Township) the ability to survey the kinds of drugs and medications that are being disposed of. This information can be used for evaluation and decisions regarding the program.

  • A case number will be assigned to each collection box location. The Detectives will document each collection on supplemental report. This allows for tracking of data to monitor the program benefits.
  • The Detectives will collect the deposited drugs on a frequency deemed necessary. This frequency will be based on the location and usage; however it should not exceed a period of six months.
  • The Detectives will bag the deposited medications, document a general description of the contents, provide a weight of the content, and place into evidence pending destruction through witnessed incineration. The material located in the drop box should not be handled nor is individual product identifications required.
  • The Detectives will destroy the collected medications by incineration through a contracted provider of this service at intervals not to exceed six months.

David J. Lozier, District Attorney Beaver County